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TITLE: Hair Rebonding Vs. Hair Smoothening



Hair is the most crucial aspect of everyone's life because it boosts a person's confidence. We are all identified by our Hair. Whenever we see a stranger first, we look at their face and Hair. Thus Hair becomes our soul of the body. Though we are all born with dissimilar sizes, colors and textures, we want our Hair to be sheen and chunky effect. When we look at celebrities, T.V shows, shampoo ads, fashion ramps, and shiny magazines, we wonder how they keep their Hair naturally stunning. Their Hair seems to be on the spot constantly.


To stand out in the crowd of people who love being the focal point, they want their hair to be frizz-free, untamed and unbound crinkles. To blow a spotlight, you need to undergo hair treatment. Typically what happens? In this tech world, there is numerous hair treatment that is avail. But what to choose is essential. Straight Hair is no longer uncommon, and it's ultimately your desire to go through permanent or temporary treatment, but before getting into the treatment, let us lay a path for you by showing the difference, and we will leave this up to you.


Rebonding and Smoothening are one of the most common hair treatments. As Rebonding and Smoothening both have their value and roles, it's hard to choose which one is more suitable. Let us know the difference and make a move.


Before going deeper, let us know what exactly they are?

What is Rebonding?


Rebonding is suitable for all types of Hair, either its small curls, big curls, voluminous or wavy. The term 'rebonding' itself defines that it will rebond our Hair by breaking the cell structure and restructuring it. Hair Rebonding is a chemical blow-out that makes your virgin Hair revive smoothness, softness, and straightness. The natural bond between the hair strands is broken using relaxers and softeners. Relaxers are cream or lotion that makes the Hair manageable and straight. After the endothermic process, neutralizers are applied to reconstitute the hair structure and modify its shape. Rebonding uses extreme heat and chemicals that result in a permanent change in the molecular structure. This process is called Rebonding. Rebonding can last up to six months if appropriately maintained.

What is Hair Smoothening?


Are you a person with tamed Hair? Oops. Are you losing the battle every day you stand in front of the mirror and try to give shape to your Hair? No more nightmares! Smoothening is one of the perfect treatments to manage curly and wavy hair. It makes hair frizz-free, manageable, smooth, and straight. Smoothening is a temporary treatment that makes your unmanageable hair manageable. 


Hair smoothening is a chemical blow-out that encloses saturation—saturating the Hair via a formaldehyde solution. After saturation, they are dried out and hooked straight using a heating iron. 


What Is Formaldehyde?


Formaldehyde is a chemical compound used as a binding and preservative agent. It is a colorless gas with a strong odor. 

E.g., Glue, cosmetics, etc.


The use of  Formaldehyde mandates expert supervision as it is a lethal blend. Smoothening makes your Hair look naturalistic, lively, and silky. To unlock the deal, the smoothening treatment can last for around 3 to 6 months. The outcomes are better on thin Hair than on dense Hair. Tangling can be withdrawn by smoothening and rebonding. To select the best treatment before, know the difference. 


Smoothening Lucknow


Hair Rebonding Vs. Hair Smoothening?

Experts say that smoothening is more effective than rebonding. The chemicals used in both the treatments are nearly the same, but the only difference is the Normality and the quantity of the agents used.


We evaluated. Let's compare and leave it to you which one you would prefer. Rebonding is a technique intended to straighten the Hair, whereas smoothening makes the hair sheen, silky and manageable.


Hair rebonding changes the molecular structure by using excessive heat and chemicals. At the same time, Hair Smoothening doesn't change the molecular structure. It only counts a layer of keratin or protein.


Rebonding is a permanent treatment that can last up to six months, but smoothening is a temporary treatment that can last up to only 3 - 5months.


Smoothening can give you a semi-permanent glaze that adds shine to the Hair. In contrast, rebonding can give you a gloss– Shine overlay on the Hair.


In Rebonding, the damages are minor in robust and super-resistant Hair. Smoothening has fewer impairments because the keratin moisturizes and nourishes the hair by sealing the open cuticles. 

Hair types

Rebonding is suited for curly, voluminous, and people having unmanageable Hair. In comparison, smoothening is applicable for all hair types, whether you want frizz-free or straight, giving a refined look to the Hair.


Hair Smoothening Over Hair Rebonding


  • Most customers favor having naturally straight hair and don't want their hair to look pin-straight that’s why Smoothening is always a better option.
  • Smoothening makes your hair silky, smooth, and shiny with minor damage by giving a naturally-looking effect. 
  • Thus, if you want to enhance your hair's consistency without inducing any changes to the virgin hair structure, it is more reasonable to go for smoothing. Experts always recommended smoothening over rebonding or straightening.
  • This treatment is the best fit for people with flexible, permanently bleached, or colored hair. "Brazilian blowout" was one of the blowouts that hit the trend.

Hair Rebonding Over Hair Smoothening

  • Smoothening can reduce frizz but cannot straighten. In that case, Rebonding is the better option to choose. 
  • Rebonding can have a long-lasting effect, whereas smoothening has a shortened. 
  • Hair Rebonding can straighten the curliest of hair; If you have very curly, it is challenging to straighten your hair without hair rebonding.
  • "Japanese straightening" is another representation of hair rebonding.


Which option are you going to choose?

So ladies and girls, here you go! It is always advisable before stepping into the salon if you consider your hair length, quality, quantity, and style to understand various treatments and their perspective on wholesome. We at Jawed Habib Lucknow welcome you with open Heart.  


Remember, at the end of the day, nothing is permanent. If you want perfectly straight hair, prefer rebonding. Smoothening is the soundest option for those seeking to add some shine and smoothness. 


So always, it is better to understand the similarities and dissimilarities between hair rebonding and hair smoothening. For every female, the outcome of hair care regimens leans on multiple factors. However, it's highly recommended to opt for patch testing before undergoing treatments. We have laid the path with detailed information about hair rebonding and hair smoothening, also including why one is better than the other. So, which one is going to be your choice?


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