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Hair is an integral part of our body. We cannot imagine our lives without hairs on our heads. But some do face the problem of baldness. Hair loss can take place in people of any age. 

There is no defined age for hair loss. But what to do after your hair is lost? Or did you become completely bald? There are options available for the recovery of hair. You can either go for a hair transplant or get yourself a new hair patch. 

While hair transplantation therapy is very painful, getting a patch is way easier. You just need to visit the right place. In this blog post, we will cover all the major points related to hair patch treatment. So let’s start.

What is Hair Patch Treatment?

hair patch in Lucknow

The process of getting a hair patch is also known as artificial hair restoration. This process is quite simple. People who suffer from hair loss tend to go for this hair restoration process. 

The procedure for hair patch treatment is purely non-surgical. The patch is placed on the areas where baldness has occurred. The patch of hair is placed with the help of cosmetic glues or even clips. The glues and clips are completely safe and do not cause any allergy to the scalp. 

A hair patch is an effective method of hair restoration. This procedure is especially suitable for those who do not want to opt for surgical restoration due to financial crunches. The hair patch is particularly designed to fit the patient and it gives a natural look. 

Traditionally, people used to wear wigs. But the wigs were larger than the scalp and give a completely natural look. The hair patches are comparatively smaller in size and give a colorful texture. 

This cosmetic treatment is completely safe and does not take much time.

Now an important question comes here. Where to get the hair patch done? Well, a salon or a clinic where everything is done under the supervision of a Dermatologist is a suitable place to get the hair patch treatment done.

Now if you are from Lucknow, you can get your hair patch done from the best salon for hair patches in Lucknow, i.e. Jawed Habib Lucknow. 

Who is Eligible for Hair Patch Treatment?

Any person irrespective of gender can opt for this treatment. This is a non-surgical treatment and therefore is completely safe. Hence, there is no impact of this treatment on the health of any person. 

Who is not eligible for Hair Patch Treatment?

There is no such non-eligibility criterion. Anyone can opt for this treatment.

Any Side Effects of this Hair Loss Treatment?

There are no side effects of this treatment. This procedure is non-surgical. The glue used in the treatment has no side effects. Therefore, there are no side effects of this treatment witnessed to date.

Results of Hair Loss Treatment

The results of this treatment are always favorable. It is a safe and non-surgical treatment. One must opt for this treatment if he/she is facing the problem of hair loss. 

Also, if you have financial crunches then you can opt for this process. This treatment is very affordable. The treatment cost can be borne by any person. The problem of hair loss is increasing. Therefore, everybody cannot go for hair transplantation, and hence this treatment is a blessing for all of them.


This blog post has answers to all the questions related to hair patch treatment. A person looks elder because of baldness. Hair beautifies the face of a person. It constitutes a major portion of personality. 

Jawed Habib Lucknow offers one of the best hair patch treatments in Lucknow city. The salon is licensed to perform this treatment. It has a team of qualified professionals who are trained for the job.

All the services for personal care are being provided at this salon. This salon has all the amenities and equipment for the treatment.  

Go to Jawed Habib for getting the best hair patch treatment in Lucknow. 

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Hair loss problems are common among a diversity of people.  people across age groups and countries are facing this general problem. There can be numerous reasons behind hair loss. It includes changing lifestyle, lack of a hair care routine, nutritional deficiency, severe health ailments, and of course hereditary factors. However, thanks to technological advancement, brings a revolution and comes up with many solutions. Many hair loss treatments cater to individual cases of hair loss and help us to look smart.

 Today, we discussed here all about  Hair patches. Yes, here with us you get the complete guide for  Hair patch treatment. Your doubts will be clear. Just keep reading and go ahead. One of the best hair loss treatments is a hair patch that is gaining huge popularity these days. It is a non-surgical procedure and painless. It is a process, in which an artificial hair patch gets pasted to bald spots. With the hair, the patch gets a new smart look and volumized hair. This treatment is the first choice of people these days. The reason is that it is easy to adapt the procedure. This treatment provides effective benefits with minimum cost. The best part is that it has minimal side effects.

best hair patch Lucknow

 Let us know more about Hair Patch transplants. You get all your queries resolved. Here we come up with benefits and procedures. This procedure is also known as  Hair patch treatment. Don’t worry… It is quite simple and bliss for individuals who suffer from Alopecia Areata. Yes, they tend to opt for this type of hair restoration procedure.

The procedure of Hair patch.

 Hair patch treatment is a non-surgical, process. In this, a patch of hair, or we can also say that a wig/extension is placed. But remember the patch can be placed in a particular area where baldness has occurred. This hair patch is stuck by professionals. They stick the patch of hair with the help of cosmetic glue or even clips. If you are worried about the scalp, Let me clear you one thing the glue and clips of Hair Patch are safe. It does not lead to allergic reactions and any kind of itchiness of the scalp.

Hair Patch is an easy, convenient, and effective method of hair restoration. If you are also one of them, who do not want to opt for a surgical procedure or do not have the funds for any kind of major transplantation can easily choose this simple process.

 Now the question arises is it comfortable or covers your scalp perfectly? Then, the answer is a big  Yes. The patch of hair is particularly designed to perfectly fit the scalp and looks natural.  Moreover, the patient ends up looking much better and keeps any good hairstyle. The hair patches are specially designed in such a way that they complement the hair texture. These are designed according to your hair color and the hair. A hair patch is smaller in size and does not like old traditional wigs. These are designed to sit on a bald patch on the head. Yes, this cosmetic treatment is extremely safe. It does not take much time and cost. It is a quick process that requires a few sittings with hair experts. We recommend you for a professional hairstylist like Jawed Habib to go for extremely good results. These days number of people having bald patches on their heads choose this treatment.


Color and density of hair:

The hair patch treatment involves the effective placement of a carefully designed hair patch, where there is maximum baldness. The prosthetic hair patch is custom made, and hence it needs to resemble the patient’s hair, completely.  Moreover, a good stylist with a good hair patch gives the best to sit perfectly on his head. Hair patches are something different and the best solution for partial hair loss. It looks much more natural than wigs whereas wigs are generally a solution to complete hair loss. Hair patch installation is needleless and is painless and also provides a good density of hair where it needs. Now style in your way you can also resume normal activities like bathing, swimming, etc.

 Before you get the hair treatment done, you must know about some benefits of  Hair patches. Check out below …. These Benefits make you understand more about hair patches.

Non-surgical procedure

Hair patch treatment is a painless procedure with no complexities and issues. The patient can have the treatment done waiting for a long. It is merely one sitting process to get the desired result without any treatment scare or hassle.


This Hair patch treatment is the affordable one. The  Hair Patch Transplant cost varies depending on the current hair loss condition. It also depends on the hair patch and place you choose. It cost a little high if you have more bald patches.

No side effects:

 Most surgical treatments and chemical procedures are there with many side effects. But the hair patch process is completely safe and does not cause any side effects later on. It provides the desired hair but leads to no side effects. The best highlight of the hair patch treatment does not involve the use of needles or any medicines.

Excellent results:

The hair patch transplant provides excellent results. It does not involve any undergoing chemical and surgical treatments. hair patch gives guarantees results. the hair patch is artificial and is easy to apply.  It is attached with cosmetic glue, leaving no scope for failure.

Immediate results:

This is the only treatment that provides you instant results without any delay. The various surgical treatments require at least 6 months for showcasing results. We all know hair transplants take a minimum of 9-12 months. But here you get the safe and immediate results.

 These days even Experts recommended this treatment. If you are also one who desires to have a full crown without undergoing any surgical procedure. It is also an excellent choice for you.  But we recommended choosing the best clinic or saloon-like Jawed  Habib for the same. This is for those who are reluctant about hair transplant surgery and wish to experiment with their hair look, the treatment can go well with them.

Price of the Hair Patch treatment:

Hair Patch Costs in India can vary according to various factors. It can range anywhere between Rs 12000 to Rs 55,000and even more. The cost of the hair patch treatment is depending upon the city, procedure, and facilities given. The procedure or type of product use is all that matters. Moreover, if you choose a good brand like  Jawed  Habib it gives you the best results in a cost-effective option. 

Side Effects of Hair Patch Treatment

 The Side Effects of Hair Patch Treatment are negligible which is an external procedure that has no risk involved. We all know as we compare the other factors the risks can be high. The only factor that has to be taken into consideration is the cosmetic glue used to stick the patch to the head.  But with proper aftercare, there are minimal or no side effects involved in the process.

 Moreover, due to any reason if a person experiences itching in the scalp the same gets cured. The hair experts provide solutions to cure it in no time, so no need to worry about this.  We can say that the hair patch transplant is considered one of the safest hair treatments if it is done with the right hands.

Who are eligible candidates for Patch treatment

 The hair patch treatment is a non-surgical procedure. The process does not require any kind of medical tests to be done before undergoing the treatment. All the person who has bald patches can undergo a hair patch transplant. If you're facing partial hair loss, then both young and middle-aged people undergo this treatment.


Final Verdict:   Hope this article clears all your doubts about hair patch treatment. You can go for this process. Now get a new revival look that changes your overall personality in time or without having any side effects.  So, make it done by a right and expert person or a good saloon-like Jawed  Habib Salon Gomti Nagar for carrying ultimate benefits.


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