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Have you ever wondered how celebrities modify their hair according to the characters and roles they play? Long hair for a traditional and cultural look, short and chunky hair for a trendy and stylish look. But having long hair has always been a daydream for many of us? Long hair will forever envy us. But most women don't have long braids for diverse reasons, and hair extensions are the best gift! They ever had.

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The best way to get gorgeous hair is to care for your natural hair, but do we have time? The best gift women have is hair extension. We can do various hairstyles with hair extensions according to the occasion and trend. They can add volume to our hair, add color, hide split ends, be easy to use, etc. Then why are you waiting? Go and start doing hair extensions. But before that, please wait. To make yourself confident and aware of all you need to know about hair extensions. To learn more, keep on reading.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are hair amalgamations clubbed with virgin hair to add volume and length to one's hair. Hair extensions can be either natural or synthetic, and one can choose according to their preferences. Natural hair extensions are the best as the cuticle of the virgin hair is preserved and incorporated to give a gorgeous natural look. Synthetic hair extensions are great for anyone who wants temporary and stunning changes.

Why choose hair extensions?

Nothing boosts confidence like gorgeous hair that poses right around your head. A hair flick over your shoulders symbolizes a queen, and hair extensions can help you. The main reason for hair extension is to increase the length of our hair. Hair extensions are best to add dimensions and color to your hair. You can add different color shades without coloring the virgin hair. They also add volume and make thinner hair looks thicker and bouncy. It is one of the ways to adapt to various hairstyles without disturbing your natural hair. They act as a bridge between the products and the virgin hair. You can easily say goodbye to chemical products and heat involved in the hairstyle process with hair extensions.

To know how they work, how to select the ideal hair extensions, and what should you do when looking for perfect hair extensions? Keep on reading all you need to know about hair extensions.

Natural hair extensions Vs. Synthetic hair extensions

A significant difference between natural and synthetic hair extensions is the quality and feel. Human hair extensions give you a natural and stunning look. Ideally, they add texture and shades to each hairpiece as they are originally from natural human hair collected from a donor. Though it is expensive, many of us opt and look for these hair extensions because they are tangling-free and ensure smooth and silky throughout your lifetime. Synthetic extensions are known for their shine and look. They are durable and blend seamlessly to give a different look—synthetic hair extensions combined with various fibers made of plastic and manufactured to emulate natural human hair.

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Types of hair extensions

1.    Tape-In hair extensions

Are you looking for hair extensions that can be easily feasible in a couple of hours? Tape-in extensions are the best. Tape-in hair extensions can take 60-90 minutes and come in striations between 1.5 inches - and 8 inches long. They are either single or double-sided (PU) polyurethane tapes that can be pre-taped on either side of your hair.


They are easy to apply as they don't require heat or other tools.

Lend a natural look and reduces the strain on your head.

It can be resued and cause minimal damage to the hair.

2. Weaving

Weaving is chiefly suitable for people with thicker hair. Usually, it is a very long process that takes 2-4 hours. It is applied by braiding the virgin hair into a horizontal cornrow, then using a needle and cotton thread. It is sewed and enhances your hair extensions. So the wings are pretty literally "woven" through your hair and last for 2-3 months. African women usually wear weaves because they have the super thick hair needed to conceal the extensions from view.


Need to be done by a professional.

It is highly suitable for people with short and thicker hair.

We have taken care of proper washing and maintenance.

3. Clip-in Extension

Don't have a longer time to do extensions? A clip-in extension is the best choice for anyone who wants longer hair within minutes. They are strands of wefts of hair with clips attached to a base—all you need to do is clip them to your natural hair on your own. Clip-in extensions are 2 inches - to 8 inches in size and can last until you remove them.


They are easy to apply.

You can remove and attach them whenever, wherever you want.

4. Microlink hair extensions

Micro hair extensions are also called micro loop hair extensions or micro bead extensions. They are in the form of bundles of hair looped through small sections of your virgin hair with a silicone-lined bead. Then the bead is secured by a unique tool called a metal bead and tensed to hold it in place. In contrast, micro loop hair extensions come with a loop and a bead. Hence they don't require any attachment. Micro hair extensions take 2-4 hours and can last for 2-3 months.


They blend seamlessly with your hair.

Easy to wash and can be reused.

But not possible for high ponytails.

5. Fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions are fused with natural hair using glue or adhesives and categorized into cold fusion hair extensions and hot fusion hair extensions. Fusion extensions take 6-8 hours and last for 4-5 months.


It is the most durable method and can last for six months if adequately maintained.

Suitable for normal hair.

It blends perfectly and cannot reuse.


Hair extensions in Jawed Habib Salon Gomti Nagar

Things to remember before doing hair extensions

Before getting into hair extensions, there are a few things you need to keep in your mind 

  • Hair extensions may look easy to do, but you may get confused once you start. So, always seek help from a professional stylist though you may find it easy.
  • Go for hair extensions of the A-1 quality because you don't want to do experiments on your hair.
  • Experiencing any pain, irritation, or discomfort, immediately consult your stylist.
  • Remember to take care of your untamed hair. Hair damage cannot endure considerable styling, even if it is merely hair extensions.

Mistakes to avoid during hair extensions

  • Don't use poor-quality hair extensions.
  • Choose hair extensions that match your hair color.
  • Don't do hair extensions by yourself.
  • Handle your hair with care.

At last, it's your hair though it is curly, wavy, thick, more prolonged, thin, shorter, and voluminous. If you want to make your hair more colorful and desire to experiment with your hair but are worrying about hair damage, extensions can count that pop of color. Simultaneously, it is essential to know how to wash hair extensions to preserve their lifespan. So, before getting into the ray of hope, you need to know its path.

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Long and beautiful hair is something that every woman desires and we all to a lot of effort into this. These days, with advanced methods and techniques, we are here to fulfill your desire. Yes, you can get permanent hair extensions. As, we all know we are not blessed with thicker, fuller, and full volume hair. We all face many problems with our hair growth due to many reasons. But, now you can jazz your way to long and stunning full-bodied locks with permanent hair extensions. It also gives your hair lots of volume and body to them. Hair extensions are a cool way to enhance your look but there are certain things you must know before getting permanent hair extensions. We are here to sort your doubts. So, keep reading to get better knowledge about everything for permanent hair extensions.

hair extensions in gomti nagar

  As it is well said, Before diving deep into the ocean, we must know how to swim. You must know that you have a wealth of options to try, but it is important is what to choose according to your need and requirements regarding hair extensions.

 There are various techniques used for hair extensions like  Clip-ins, fusion, tape-ins, weaves, micro-link, and pre-bonded. If you are someone who loves wearing different hairstyles and want a fashionable look, then weave hair extensions are what you need! Weave hair extensions fit for the hair to look curly, straight, long, or short. They’re pragmatic, stylish, and add thickness to your hair as well to give you a stylish look.

 So, it is better to understand the methods which are common these days. There are also differences in how they’re applied and after results. Some common hair extension applications are opting by most women. It includes micro-link hair extensions, weave hair extensions, tape hair extensions, and pre-bonded/fusion extensions.

Micro-link hair extensions: These are also known as micro-bead or loop hair extensions and these are applied by looping extensions. Hence, through natural hair and clamping it down with a pair of pliers and a metal bead, these are attached.

Weave hair extensions: “Weave” is a common term. It is used to mean hair extensions, but there are specific weave extensions. These are applied by braiding the natural hair into a cornrow. It is done by using a needle and cotton thread to attach the extra lengths.

Tape-in hair extensions: These are classified as semi-permanent extensions but need more aftercare for the hair. They’re pre-taped and sandwiched in between. They are taped on either side of natural hair.

Pre-bonded extensions: These are also referred to as fusion hair extensions and are attached by using such as keratin and glue. Sometimes they get stuck to the hair. Use a good conditioner or shampoo to take care of your pre-bonded hair.

Clip-in extensions: The clip-in extensions, if applied correctly can cause the least damage to hair. They are not attached to a braid and are clipped to hair and are easy to install.

Net weaving extensions: Net weaving is another weaving technique used these days.  It is a net sewn on the base of the cornrows. The weave weft extensions are then sewn to the net and this prevents additional stress on the hair.

Crochet extensions:  The Crochet extensions are usually are same technique as weft weaving, but the extensions are not sewn onto the braids and are applied using a latch hook needle.

In terms of the best method for attaching hair extensions, one should know all the methods.  There is no one type of bond that is better than the other rather the type of hair and method are going to determine.  Normal hair generally does best with tape-in extensions, whereas, the other options are better for coarse locks.

 Rather, it also depends on where you are going for permanent hair extensions. All these techniques should be done by a professional expert. We recommend Jawed Habib salon for the best results. Moreover, there are other things also taken into consideration after a permanent hair extension.

Everything you need to know before getting hair extensions.

 Ideally, consider one who specializes in hair extensions, like a professional one Jawed Habib. Your hairstylist will help you explore your extension options. Then, you can choose extensions conveniently, that will work well for you and accomplish what you’re looking for. You can ask questions to get comfortable with the hair extensions. The professional hairstylist also tells you about caring for them. With proper maintenance and care, you get longer or fuller, natural-looking hair extensions.


Take Good Care Of Natural Hair

hair extensions in lucknow

Hair weaves offer you versatility.  You can pick just about any style or color you like. But remember, to care for your tresses under a weave.  your natural hair always remains with you and Remember, weave hair will be gone one day. So, care properly to have your lovely natural hair for life long. So, give them the required nourishment and handle them with proper care. ensure your scalp is at its best and washed properly, even though your hair remains hidden under extensions,

It's recommended that you should cleanse your hair properly. For this, you have to use the best cleanser with a conditioner to further strengthen your hair. Often, concentrate the oil on your scalp and massage it gently and smoothly. You can use the balls of your fingertips for Hair oiling. It is an excellent treatment to combat flakes.

 You can Stick to jojoba or argan oil to make it alive. You can also nourish it with a kind of hydrator that works best for you. It is recommended to invest in an applicator bottle that has a nozzle tip, for weave hair extensions.

Tip: Avoid applying conditioner near attachments and hair roots as It may increase the chances of attachments getting slipped. Sometimes there is one another risk and the hair extensions falling out.


How to Prevent Damage

Hair extensions, or any object attached to hair, can cause a certain degree of damage.  But the damage can be minimized with proper maintenance and more care. Having a trained stylist is the best key to hair Maintenance. A professional saloon-like  Jawed  Habib, who is familiar with the different types of extensions and what is best for different hair types. If your extensions are not properly attached it may several problems.  You may face hair loss, red and/or irritated scalp, bald patches or matted extensions and tight extensions can cause headaches. So, always pay attention to the hair care technique that is disclosed by a hairstylist.

 There are also some cautions against getting a style that will be too heavy.  Yes, if any style is done for the area where the extensions are being added it may cause harm. This is especially important for finer hair and interlocking, crochet styles work best for thin hair. As they stay pretty close to the scalp and are “kind of one unit.”

 Tip: Don’t use any DIY unnecessarily to your weave hair. It can cause harm to your hair extensions. Be gentle to your hair always and Avoid tugging or aggressively brushing hair.


How to Remove Hair Extensions

  Now here comes how to remove extensions as the time comes, when you grow tired of your glossy extensions. In that case, it’s important to remove them properly and caution against attempting to remove them at home. The hair extension removal process is recommended to be performed by a professional hair salon to prevent natural hair loss. You could end up harming. So, go to your stylist to get them removed properly. In this way, it helps to save hair from extra damage.

Final words:  In the end, we can say that the concern about the heath of your natural hair is incredibly important. So don’t compromise with it at any cost, better to go for a professional saloon-like Jawed Habib Lucknow to get your hair extended or for the removal process. Seek the help of a professional to choose also. You should invest in high-quality extensions and expert installation. In the end, you can expect great results. 

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The hair is the most important part of the human body it beautifies your face and personality. Whenever we see the mirror first we observe whether the hair is properly combed or not. 

But what if you have hair with a lot of gapes in your skull or you are facing the problem of hair fall is it even possible to cover the gap and hair growth without the fear of getting caught? What if you are from a Tier 2 city like Lucknow?

best Hair Extensions lucknow

People think these cannot happen in tier 2 cities, but that’s not the case. The time has changed and people often ask that Hair extension in Lucknow is even possible? 

So the answer is yes and it is possible in the Jawed Habib salon Lucknow, which was established under the professional hairstylist Jawed Habib who has been an official stylish partner for Miss India and also holds the Limca record for 410 nonstop haircuts in 24 hours. First of all, we will see the types of hair extensions.

Different types of Permanent hair extension.

 Clip-in extension

It is a quick and easiest way to extend your hair into a long and smooth hair, if you have short hair then this is the best way to extend your hair, the best part of this type of extension is its durability of it. Silicon clips have been attached with the hair extension from which it becomes easier to apply. 

You can use it under the guidance of a professional who advises you on how to apply and most importantly where to apply, after the consult and advice from a professional you can apply it on your own and also remove it whenever you want otherwise you can live it up to 6 months.

Taped Extension

In this type of hair extension first professional will shutter your hair and make it suitable for the length and size of your extended hair and apply it near the roots of your hair in the form of slop from which it can’t be recognized whether it is extended or not.

In this type of hair extension, the hair is attached with a taped which sticks in your hair there are some precautions to be followed after applying the taped hair extension for 48 hours you don’t have to wash your hair, after that also you have to protect it from alcohol and other substance though you can apply shampoo ones in a week in a gentle way.

 This extension will be goon up to 12 weeks if you take proper precautions and time to time consent from an expert.

Weaves Extension

This type of extension also called hair integration, extends your hair as long as you want to and it applies to your hair with the help of a band that attached your extended hair with your original hair, it is also the easiest way to extend your hair and make it looks like a dense hair.

 There is no need to take a lot of precautions as it's attached with the band that can last long for four months with the proper advice from the expert.

Extend hair artificial or real? 

 In the jawed Habib salon, the hair extensions are not artificial it is a human hair and it does not also make any side effect on your skull. The professionals in the Jawed Habib salon in Lucknow for hair extensions will first match your hair color with the hair which is kept in their salon they never use color in extended hair to match your original hair color.

If you consent to your hair, then it’s compulsory to extend your hair from the best salon for permanent hair extension.


Everyone loves their hair. Nobody wants anything bad to happen with their hair. Hair extension is a process to provide more length to a hair. The addition in the length is done by adding artificial or natural hair to your hair.

The process of hair extension must be done properly so that the gap is not visible. Otherwise, it will hamper the beauty of original hair. There are various reasons behind doing hair extensions. It may be some occasion or a celebration and you need a temporary hair solution.

Making the hair more beautiful is an art. Not everybody is capable of doing this art nicely. But at Jawed Habib Lucknow, you will get the best services for hair extensions in the city. The staff of this salon is highly trained. They know how to make your hair look better.

Therefore, get your hair extension from Jawed Habib in Lucknow for better results. Some things are meant to be done only by professionals. You cannot risk your hair in the hand of unprofessional people, and what is stopping you from visiting Jawed Habib? The price? Well, it is not a problem here. It has the most reasonable price structure. 

So get your hair extension done from the Jawed Habib Lucknow.



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