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Hey Guys!!! Are you worried about your skin? What will happen to your skin with this level of pollution. Does it impact your rate of anti aging? How can we deal with this and maintain our youthful skin for longer period of time......

So the best and quick way to handle this is getting regular FACIAL. Now you all will be wondering how come a facial will help you achieving this goal of youthful skin for longer period of time. So in this post, I will be expalining what is facial, its importance and what is actual process.

Facials have been around for centuries, and they have stood the test of time as a popular skincare treatment. While facials were once considered a luxury reserved for the elite, they have become more accessible to the general public in recent years. Today, facials are no longer just a pampering session. They are an essential part of any skincare routine and can provide numerous benefits to the skin. In this blog post, we'll discuss why facials are important in today's time.

Are you ready to learn all about facials? Get ready to pamper your skin, because facials are the ultimate multi-step skincare treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

So, what exactly are facials? Well, they're like a spa day for your face! A licensed skincare professional will analyze your skin and recommend a customized treatment based on your skin type and concerns. From cleansing to exfoliating and nourishing, facials have got you covered.

Why are facials so important, you ask? Let me tell you! First of all, they provide a deep cleanse that removes all the nasty pollutants, dirt, and oil that accumulate on your skin throughout the day. Say goodbye to clogged pores and hello to a clear complexion!

And speaking of complexion, facials also involve exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal fresh, glowing skin. It's like a magic eraser for your face!

But that's not all - facials also provide your skin with the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and hydrated. Think masks and moisturizers that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

And let's not forget about the relaxation factor. Facials are the perfect way to unwind and de-stress. The gentle massage techniques used during a facial can help reduce tension in your face and promote relaxation throughout your entire body.

Last but not least, facials are also great for anti-aging. By promoting collagen production and improving skin elasticity, facials can help keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay, leaving your skin looking youthful and radiant.

So, there you have it - facials are a must-have in any skincare routine. Give your skin the love it deserves and book yourself a facial today!

Have you ever wonder what is exact process of facial.......

First things first, you'll have a consultation with a skincare pro to assess your skin type that you can get at reputed brand such as Jawed Habib Gomti Nagar, concerns, and allergies. No worries, they won't ask you to list all of your ex's names.

Next, they'll use a gentle cleanser to wash away all the yucky stuff like makeup, dirt, and oil. Think of it as a spa car wash for your face!

After that, get ready to say goodbye to dead skin cells and clogged pores because the skincare pro will use an exfoliating scrub or chemical exfoliant. Who knew exfoliation could be so satisfying?

Now, it's time to get steamy! A warm towel or steamer will be used to open up your pores and soften your skin. Don't worry, you won't be expected to belt out your favorite steamy ballad.

If needed, the skincare pro will perform extractions to get rid of any pesky blackheads or whiteheads. Sayonara, zits!

Next up, it's time for a nourishing and hydrating mask that will be left on for 10-15 minutes. It's like a mini-vacation for your face!

After that, the skincare pro will work their magic with gentle massage techniques to promote relaxation and boost circulation in your face and neck. Aah, bliss!

Finally, a serum and moisturizer will be applied to your skin to provide nourishment and protection. Like putting on a cozy sweater, but for your face.

Now, the hard part: avoiding direct sunlight and using sunscreen to protect your skin. Oh, and don't forget to follow any post-facial skincare instructions provided by the skincare pro. Time to strut your stuff with glowing, happy skin!

Facial options in Lucknow

If you're looking for the best facial in Lucknow, Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon is a great place to start. With locations in Gomti Nagar and Indira Nagar, Jawed Habib offers a range of facial treatments to suit every skin type and concern.

The facial price in Lucknow can vary depending on the type of facial and the location. At Jawed Habib, facial prices start at Rs. 1200 and go up to Rs. 5000 for their premium facial treatments.

In Gomti Nagar, Jawed Habib offers a range of facial treatments including the Gold Facial, Diamond Facial, and Oxygen Facial. These facials use high-quality skincare products to provide deep cleansing, exfoliation, and nourishment to the skin.

At Jawed Habib Indira Nagar, you can choose from a range of facial treatments including the Anti-Aging Facial, Brightening Facial, and Hydrating Facial. These facials are designed to target specific skin concerns and provide visible results.


Facials are an essential part of any skincare routine and offer numerous benefits to the skin. They provide deep cleansing, exfoliation, nourishment, relaxation, and anti-aging benefits. If you're looking for the best facial in Lucknow, Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon is a great place to start. With locations in Gomti Nagar and Indira Nagar, they offer a range of facial treatments to suit every skin type and concern. While the facial price in Lucknow can vary, the benefits of regular facials make them a worthwhile investment in your skin's health and appearance. So, take some time out of your busy schedule and indulge in a facial treatment today for glowing, healthy skin tomorrow!


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 Introduction: Is your skin started feeling out of whack?  Well, you don’t need to worry. You just need to do a few actions to your skin-care regimen. Yes, we are here to guide you to get things back in sync.    Today we reveal the skin changes you can expect after the 30s in your skin.  We always keep looking for the solutions that work best to treat them. So, keep reading we have the best solution to rejuvenate your skin in this article today.

  Facing issues like skin dull and dry above 30

 If you are looking for the basics of skincare? Several products are available and home remedies are also by which you can repair your skin. But by the time you hit your 30s, this means dead cells start accumulating on the surface of the skin. The interfering with light reflection is often characterized by a loss of radiance in our skin resulting in dry or dull skin tone. There is another pesky side effect of slowing skin turnover. Well, it is that the top layer of skin has a more difficult time staying moisturized naturally and needs a basic facial to rejuvenate the skin.

It takes longer for the top layer of the skin to slough off as a result you may face other problems too. So to get rid of problems like dullness and dryness some people are apprehensive about getting the best facial salon in Lucknow.  So, you can also try for a facial and you can rid of dead cells manually to reveal newer, brighter skin cells underneath quality. This not only makes your skin more glowing but also you look younger.

Benefits and necessity of Facial 

  We all know our skin gets dull with pollution and stress. It results in the beauty of the skin getting dull and looking dull. This is we all need to pay attention to our skin and take care from time to time. Most often, we failed to follow the skin daycare routine due to many reasons. Moreover, we never follow the basic skin care practices and the reason is we have to face many issues after 30. So, it is recommended to take facials timely to nourish your skin. So, start practicing for the best facial at intervals so that your skin revitalizes.

Facials should not be treated as something only to opt for special occasions, instead, they should be a regular part of your life to regime your skin. Yes, indeed, what you need in all kinds of ages. Whether you are in your twenties or may need in your forties or fifties.  It’s a basic part to rejuvenate your skin. 

 Benefits of the best facial for your skin

 In today's time, pollution changes our skin tone and steals its charm and beauty.  As a result in lackluster skin and dull skin.   So, the reason is we have to follow some skincare routine from time to time for growing age.  Moreover, after the age of 30 as growing age, it is also necessary to pay attention to your skin and take care of it.

 We all have some questions in mind regarding skincare.  Even we don’t know what have to follow for daily routine.  Moreover, sometimes we are also confused about which facial is best for our skin. So, here are some reasons which help to clear your doubts and also describe the need for facial in our daily routine.



Facials should not be treated as something you do once a year or during special occasions. They should be a regular part of your beauty regime and helps you to look younger and more beautiful. A basic facial should consist of the following steps. It includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. This is done with cleansers, gels, face masques, and washes.  The best salon like  Jawed Habib Gomti Nagar helps it to be done according to your skin and age type and finishes off with a clarifying mask.  We all know the more we get older the skin tends to look tired and sluggish.  Even we often use exfoliators and dermabrasion creams are used. Best salons use   The High protein and vitamin emulsifiers used with exfoliates to deep cleanse the skin.  They used the best skin tightening masques that help improve elasticity and give the skin a youthful, check out these reasons which help you properly understand the need for facials above 30…


1  Moisturization of the skin

A good massage is vitally essential to moisturize the skin. It improves blood circulation too and repairs your skin's dead cells. It needs to nourish the skin and helps in the removal of blackheads and whiteheads. this should be done with grains and scrubs mostly which are suitable to your skin type and done very gently. You should ensure that the professionals through whom you get your facial done use mild techniques and not the harsh ones. When it comes to applying masks firstly the mask should cover wrinkle-prone areas of the skin like the neck, forehead, and the eye area. Even the mask should always be removed in upward strokes after wetting it. If you make it done with the best professional salon-like jawed Habib Lucknow must follow the best techniques for the best facial.

2. Cleanse your skin

When you get a facial done by a professional, he pinpoints your face and entirely cleanses your skin. It is much more effective and convenient to have it done by a professional otherwise You can do a facial at home as well.

A professional will first observe the condition of your skin and recommend you the right facial. The expert will get the best facial done in a step-by-step procedure. The steaming is also done to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Once your skin is clean, your face will start to glow and shine. The cleansing of the skin is necessary which is done by a best facial expert. You will be able to notice the difference once after one session.

 3 Skin rejuvenation

The pollutants and the contaminants outside adversely affect your skin. We often face problems like dryness and dullness.  The only way is regular facials by which we can easily rejuvenate our skin.  Hence, the facials help to rejuvenate your skin and can improve the skin texture as well.

4 Skin detoxification

 We all need detoxification for the digestive system.  As it is our skin also needs proper rejuvenation. If you cant follow skincare routines you can face dry and flaky skin.  Moreover, you can suffer from acne if you fail to detox your skin. The problems which can occur are plenty and facials can provide you with relief from all of these problems and helps in the skin detoxification process.


5 Tighten your skin 

We all know after the age of 30 the elasticity of the skin gets reduced and wrinkles start coming.. It gets less because of the reduction in collagen production and the skin needs some moisturization. Medicines and external procedures can stimulate collagen production and can help to stimulate the skin. But there are side effects of these.  These days the most effective ways to tighten up your skin are facials with the best techniques.  The natural and quality products used in facials help to stimulate the production of collagen under the skin.  These facials nourish your skin and skin will become firm. It will help you overcome problems like wrinkles will tighten up the skin.  If you are looking best salon near me.  We recommend you the top most salon Jawed Habib or  Jawed  Habib Lucknow.  This will helps you to improve your appearance significantly and you look younger also.  

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If you have ever got a professional facial, then you know the relaxing benefits of a facial. Facial relaxes the skin of the face and releases tension from it. It also provides a glow to the skin which adds to the beauty of a person. 
A facial is an integral part of the face care routine. We do visit dentists and physicians every 6 months to keep ourselves fit. In the same way, we must visit an aesthetician regularly. There is no such period prescribed to have a facial. 
Facials have benefits that are reflected on our faces. The glow we get, the skin relaxations, and the comfort we feel are very smoothening. There are benefits of facial on the face skin.
Let us have a look at those benefits.

Benefits of having a facial at regular intervals:

  1. Deep Cleansing: Our daily skincare routine is not enough to clean the skin. Though we feel that it cleans and gets into the pore. But that is not the case. Dirt and other allergens get inside the skin pores. The skin pores can only be cleaned with regular facials which clean the skin deeply.
  2. Increases Blood Circulation: Our lymphatic system releases puffiness and fluids. An orderly facial increases blood circulation and can decrease puffiness and fluids. An increase in blood circulation is the reason behind the increase in the glow on the face. 
  3. Relaxation: Not only the face but the mind is also relaxed with facials. It improves breathing and helps you to regain beautiful and healthy skin. 
  4. Anti-Aging: Regular facial provides moisture to the face and increases blood circulation. It further provides relaxation to the skin and keeps the skin away from aging.  
The above-listed benefits of facial can only be felt only after you get the facial done. 
The next important thing which must be kept in mind while getting your facial done is the brand you are using. It is suggested to get the facial done only by a professional and licensed aesthetician. However, it can also be done under the supervision and guidance of an aesthetician.
Generally, people prefer a big salon with professionally trained beauticians. In those salons, the beauticians are qualified and they use the quality product of a well-known brand. 
On average you must get a facial after every 4 to 5 weeks. But if are you doing your skin facial at an interval of 5 to 6 weeks, then that’s also enough. 
However, it is also often witnessed that some women do their facial every morning and some every night. Doing a facial in the morning gives you a glow for the whole day. While facials at night give your face relaxation for the whole night's sleep.
Now the next important question which comes to mind is where to get the facial done? If you don’t do your facial on your own, then choosing a good salon is the best choice.
In this blog post, we will provide some salient features of a salon. Following are the salient features of a salon.

Salient features of a salon:

Well-Trained Beauticians: Beauticians or barbers have the responsibility to enhance the beauty of a person. So check whether the beauticians are trained or have knowledge about skincare or not.  
Use of Safe Products: The products used by the salon must be checked before getting a facial. The product composition, manufacturing date, and expiry date also must be checked. 
The ambiance of the Salon: This is not an important point to mention here. But the ambiance matters a lot. After applying facial cream, it is left for some time for relaxation. A good environment inside a salon can give your mind a soothing experience.  


Jawed Habib Salon in Lucknow has one of the best-trained staff in the city. It is a unisex salon situated in the city of nawabs which offers every service related to a skincare routine. 
The list of benefits of facial given above can be achieved in this salon in Lucknow. A skincare professional handles the skin very delicately. This is what they are trained for and they have the requisite qualification as well. 
Facial in Jawed Habib Lucknow is done at a very reasonable price. The pricing is reasonable because they know the value of quality work at the right price. 
A facial is a necessary part of the skincare routine and it must not be ignored. Good looks can be maintained only with proper care. Ignoring facials is not a good choice at any cost. A facial hardly takes an hour and it is worth spending an hour on you. 
Self-care is the best way to achieve mental stability. In this busy world, where people have no time to even give it to their family, mental health is very necessary. There are multiple ways to gain mental stability. 
In today’s world, it is very necessary to give some time to yourself. Facial is also a self-care and skincare routine. The mind gets relaxation. The peaceful possession of the mind is very necessary. 
The above explanation of the facial is enough to make the readers understand the importance of facials. Get the facial in Jawed Habib Lucknow. It has the best ambiance in the city equipped with modern equipment related to skincare. They have the best team for the job who are qualified. 
So if you are Lucknow and planning to get a facial anytime soon, then visit Jawed Habib Lucknow for the best services.


Jawed Habib Salon Gomti Nagar
First Floor, 5/599, Vikaskhand 5, Gwari Village, Vikas Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010